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Author: Ricardo Héctor Petrelli

The author postulates in his "Labyrinthian and Aristokinetic Chess Theory" the following :
- the Chess is a labyrinth with an only possible solution, that is to say with an only way to cross and
- there is always an optimal movement.

"Labyrinthian and Aristokinetic Chess Theory" will introduce you in the essence of the game science.


The enormous advances are unquestionable from the chess theory that they have taken place in XX century, but five enigmatic and crucial questions subsist today without being still answered of satisfactory way:

-- Is there in chess the best movement of each color from the beginning to the conclusion of the game?

-- Which is the final result of the same one?

-- Prevail the white to correspond the exit to them, or the blacks neutralize this apparent disadvantage there is for them and obtain the equality, or perhaps an unsuspected victory?

-- Which is the exact number of movements in the ideal game, if this exists?

-- How many and which are the pieces of each side are on the board, once concluded the game?

The author offers through his revolutionary labyrinthian and aristokinetic theory the five answers to these questions, that lead to the knowledge of an absolutely new and ignored organization until the present: the essence of the chess.